Schoenbach Construction Corp is proud to assist you in all aspects of your projects with quality, integrity, pride, and compassion. Schoenbach will ensure that all work is preformed utilizing fine-craftsmanship, on-time, and within budget. We are committed to collaborating with the design partners, seeing their vision transformed into a beautiful, functioning work space. We pride our self on our well-established reputation of outstanding customer service!



General Contracting

From the inception of a project to completion, SCC is dedicated to serving all our client’s needs. We take great pride in our attention to detail and strong work ethic through every phase of your project. Whether it be pre-construction, proposal analysis, actual construction, or post-construction, with Schoenbach’s vast experience and exceptional customer service will strive to exceed expectations in all phases of your project!

Construction & Project Management

Schoenbach Construction Corp is committed to being a company that evolves based on our clients' wants and needs. In an ever changing construction industry, many of our long-term clients have asked for our involvement in earlier stages of a project, and we have answered in a big way. SCC has identified a process that is collaborative in nature and valuable to all partners during the construction process. Our ultimate goal is to create a more efficient and client centric process from the inception to completion of all projects. SCC has significantly grown project efficiency with our focus on benefiting owners, clients, building managers, and tenants. Our focal point of being involved in the early onset of the construction process will lead to quicker turnarounds, budgeting accuracy, and cutting costs, ultimately saving time.

Through our integrated project delivery methods, we have reduced the construction cycle subsequently saving our partners time and money. We do this in order to reduce the length of the process and raise construction efficiency, which in turn provides cost savings for all parties. This cost saving is a direct result of our productivity orientation and our collaboration with both the construction team and design partners at earlier stages of the construction process. This systematic project collaboration method results in:

  • Fewer Change Orders
  • More Precise Budgets
  • Greater Schedule Accuracy
  • Reduced Project Cycles
  • Increased Design/Construction Discipline
  • Fewer Construction Phase Delays
  • Significantly Reduced Project Risk
  • Greater Client Satisfaction!

Schoenbach Construction Corp is committed to making sure our clients are completely satisfied and enthusiactic about their beautiful new space, keeping the best interest of our clients at the height of all decision making.