About Us

You could say construction has been part of Schoenbach Construction Corp.’s DNA since Morton Schoenbach studied Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Pursuing his career in the field he attained a position with Edward Robbins, Inc. and continued working with them for over 40 years. In 1987, after rising to the position of Executive Vice President, Morty saw the value of asking his son, Robert, who recently graduated from the University of Maryland and was also fascinated by the construction industry, to join him at Edward Robbins. And the beginning of a father and son team that was destined to become one of the premiere construction houses in NYC.

In 1994, Morty & Rob decided to branch out on their own and formed M & R Schoenbach, Inc. Named for its 2 principals, M & R specialized in the renovation of Manhattan commercial space as well as developed relationships with property owners and building managers to preform construction maintenance in their buildings. Initially working with 2 large publishing firms, Hearst Communications & Doubleday, as well as Trinity Church the Company quickly grew its portfolio of clients as a direct result of our excellent work leading to numerous client referrals.

Times change, Clients’ needs change, Schoenbach Construction Corp manages change.

In 2009 Morty Schoenbach passed away and the Company was faced with a major challenge. Rob, realized what was best for the Company and for his clients so he relocated the management offices to new space in Central New Jersey and renamed the Company Schoenbach Construction Corp. Conveniently located to provide ease of access to his many Manhattan clients, the new offices also allow Rob to easily manage his New Jersey projects as well as manage his personal life.

Today, the portfolio of clients is wide ranging and much greater than in 1994 but what has never changed is Rob’s personal involvement in each job. The founding cornerstone of the Company was the belief that each project should have a principal involved from inception to completion. That belief is still a guiding factor for Rob today.  Although Morty passed away in 2009, Rob and the Company still believe that whether a project is a small maintenance job or a multi-million dollar renovation, principal hands always need to be on the pulse of all on-going projects.